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Eli Lilly and Company



Eli Lilly and Company researches, develops, manufactures and sells pharmaceuticals. Eli Lilly also has an animal health business unit. Eli Lilly manufactures and distributes products in the United States, Puerto Rico and 22 other countries. Eli Lilly and Company also conducts research to find products to treat diseases in animals and to increase the efficiency of animal food production. Eli Lilly's Neuroscience products consist of Zyprexa, Strattera, Prozac, Cymbalta, Permax, Symbyax, Sarafem and YentreveÔ. Endocrine products include Humalog, Humalog Mix 75/25, Humulin, Evista, Actos, Humatrope and Forteo. Oncology products consist of Gemzar and Alimta. Animal health products include Tylan, Rumensin, Coban, Maxiban, Monteban, Apralan, Pulmotil, Micotil, Surmax, Paylean and Optaflexx. Cardiovascular drugs consist of ReoPro and Xigris. Anti-infectives include Ceclor and Vancocin HCl.


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