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Golden West Financial



Golden West Financial Corporation is a savings and loan holding company. Its principal business is the operation of a savings bank business through its wholly owned bank subsidiary, World Savings Bank. WSB has a wholly owned subsidiary, World Savings Bank, FSB that is also a federally chartered savings bank. As a residential mortgage portfolio lender, Golden West Financial's principal business, conducted through WSB and WTX, attracts funds from the investing public and the capital markets and investing those funds principally in mortgage loans secured by residential real estate. During the year ended December 2004, it operated 276 savings branches in 10 states and has lending operations in 38 states under the World name. Golden West has two non-bank subsidiaries, Atlas Advisers, Inc. and Atlas Securities, Inc. that provide advisory and distribution services to Atlas Funds. Atlas Funds is a registered investment company offering 16 no-load mutual funds.


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